About our Phoenix Arizona Short Sale and Investment Realtors

Our team is comprised of Arizona licensed real estate agent and broker professionals focusing on Phoenix Arizona residential real estate serving investors and short sale homeowners. We are a results oriented team and our mission is to seek, locate and realize opportunities for our investors, and support our Phoenix distressed homeowners, helping them to make the most informed decisions through their distressed real estate process.

Our foundation was built on real estate investing, assisting investors in finding property that fit their long-term and short-term financial goals. As the housing bubble began to burst in 2007, we worked diligently to educate ourselves so we can offer homeowners and investors true solutions and opportunities in today’s market.

While much of our focus is on helping buyers and sellers of Phoenix investment homes buy and sell homes, we allocate the remainder of our team resources to the Phoenix pre-foreclosure market. For Phoenix Arizona distressed homeowners, the options available can be challenging to navigate and understand. We offer free consultations for Phoenix homeowners in distress who wish to better understand the process of loan modifications and short sales.

We encourage homeowners facing these challenges to utilize our Phoenix short sale team of reators and speak with an experienced Arizona short sale specialist at no charge before doing a loan modification, short sale or foreclosure. When you reach out to us, you can expect us to utilize our knowledge and experience while by providing you with the best customer service possible.

We offer Phoenix distressed homeowner help through our DistressedHomeownerRescue.com website so please feel free to contact us through that site and one of our distressed homeowner realtors will contact you promptly.

We are a team of professional Phoenix Arizona realtors and would like to be your Phoenix real estate agent in representing you through Phoenix Arizona investment and short sale real estate transactions.