Short Sale Genius Designation

Kim Anderson, an associate broker and member of The Guardian Realty Team, is also a proud member of the Phoenix Arizona Short Sale Genius group of specialists.

Short Sale Genius is a mastermind group of Realtors who work together collaborating for the purpose of gaining ongoing knowledge as to how we can more effectively represent homeowners through the short sale process. As a group we have quarterly summits and bi-weekly conference calls through which we share experiences and formulate new strategies to help us successfully close a short sale transaction. We also hold internal forums enabling us to assist one another in working towards successful short sale transactions.

As real estate agents we were not provided a handbook by the banks to guide us through the short sale process. It is only through our vigorous commitment to our business and our clients that we have been able to gain an intimate understanding of the short sale process and how that process should be applied to each individual home owner’s circumstances; every case is unique and requires a unique set of strategies. This is the value we bring to you as short sale experts.